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Hello World!

Hey, what's up, its BreakmanX.. err Professor BreakmanX and welcome to the blog.

After a few years I've finally managed to get some semblance of a presence online. I'm excited to use this space to discuss all of my interests and keep you updated on all my goings on. The website is "under construction", which I know is an awfully trite phrase, but is the most accurate description.

After so many years of being completely entangled with my online presence, a few years off was nice. In the time since, I've enjoyed becoming a Professor at Washburn University. It is a wonderful place and I love it there.

The front page of the site has links to my song on Spotify etc, my social media accounts, and my video and streaming presence. I like to stream on Twitch by myself and with the kids.

Sit back and watch this site evolve into my portfolio and online hub. I appreciate you stopping by.

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